How To Express Your Love In Greek

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 09 February 2022
How To Express Your Love  In Greek
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and Athenian streets are immersed in a lingering romantic mood. Flower shops are overflowing with red roses, and chocolatiers are preparing tiny delights to please lovers' palates.
How can you show your affection to your significant other, the Greek way? What are the best words to express your love and affection? Even if you're single, how would you go about flirting with a Greek lady?
We have put together a concise list of useful words and phrases:
Will you be my Valentine? | Θες να γίνεις ο Βαλεντίνος μου; | Thes na yínis o Valentínos mu?
I love you | Σ' αγαπώ | S' agapó
I adore you | Σε λατρεύω | Se latrévo
May I kiss you? | Μπορώ να σε φιλήσω; | Boró na se filíso;
Ι miss you | Μου λείπεις | Moo lipis
Baby | Mωρό μου | Moro moo
You mean a lot to me | Σημαίνεις πολλά για μένα | Siménis polá ya ména
Υou make me happy | Mε κάνεις ευτυχισμένο / ευτυχισμένη | Me kanis eftihismeno (man) / eftihismeni (woman)
Would you like to go out to dinner with me? | Θα ήθελες να βγούμε έξω για δείπνο; | Tha itheles na vgume exo ya dipno?
When can I see you again? | Πότε μπορώ να σε ξαναδώ; | Póte boró na se xanadó?
Ι’ll call you | Θα σε πάρω τηλέφωνο | Tha se páro tiléfono

Happy Flirting and Happy Valentine's day!