Istanbul's Biggest Art Festival Branches Out In Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 28 November 2017
Istanbul's Biggest Art Festival Branches Out In Greece
The Istanbul Biennial, one of Turkey's biggest art festivals, reached international waters with this year’s theme of ‘a good neighbor.’ As Lonely Planet reports, part of the biennial’s series of ‘neighboring events,’ Turkish art Volkan Aslan has installed his video work of ‘Home Sweet Home at the Municipal Art Gallery of Mytilini on Less.

The strong cultural and historical linkages between Turkey and Greece recur throughout the Lesvos exhibition. The gallery itself is housed in the restored former mansion of Halim Bey, the island’s last Ottoman governor and the great-grandfather of Turkish art collector Can Elgiz, whose family photos and mementos fill one first-floor room.

The couple, who own the Elgiz Museum of contemporary art in İstanbul, helped bring Aslan’s work to Lesvos as part of an on-going cultural-exchange agreement with the local municipality.

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