Traditional Greek Winter Dishes

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 27 January 2022
Traditional Greek Winter Dishes

Greek cuisine is humble and simple, with a focus on fresh, healthy, and tasty ingredients, including vegetables and herbs, and that applies both to light and heartier dishes.

Since it is rather cold outside, here is a small list of traditional Greek winter staple dishes you should definitely try!



Fasolada is a traditional Greek bean soup – a very easy-to-make vegetarian recipe. This thick soup is traditionally made with white beans cooked with olive oil, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and celery. An all-time classic Greek winter staple, perfect for warming the body!

Greek Stuffed Cabbage Leaves - Lachanodolmades 


Lachanodolmades are stuffed cabbage leaves with a mixture of minced pork and rice, served with an egg and lemon sauce (avgolemono). The stuffing is typically seasoned with many spices, including oregano and mint. Simple yet flavorful, the dish is ideal for a cold winter day and simply by leaving out the meat, you can make an equally tasty vegetarian version!

Meatball Soup - Giouvarlakia


Another Greek comfort food, giouvarlakia is the ideal dish to keep you warm. It's a tasty meatball soup finished off with the infamous egg-lemon sauce (avgolemono) and complemented with vegetables of your liking. If you want to experiment a little bit, you can also try out the alternative version with tomato sauce. 



Yet another wintertime favorite, Spetsofai is a traditional dish originating from Pelion, the scenic mountain village of Thessaly. Made with country sausages and peppers cooked in a thick tomato sauce, this delicious dish is perfectly paired with feta cheese and a slice of bread to dip in the sauce. Eggplants are used in the original recipe, and in some areas, hot paprika and red hot chili peppers are used instead of ordinary peppers. It's a must-try, regardless of which version you make.

Chicken Soup - Kotosoupa


Kotosoupa avgolemono (chicken soup with egg-lemon sauce), another Greek winter classic, is commonly served on cold days. It's very easy to cook; it's just chicken soup with rice and a lot of egg-lemon sauce. Not to mention that it is also used as a remedy to treat the common cold!