Kokkinisto Me Araka Beef Casserole Gravy With Peas

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 20 February 2015
Kokkinisto Me Araka Beef Casserole Gravy With Peas
This Greek, traditional, authentic, mouthwatering, hungerhealing dish, is one you must definitely try!! "Kokkinisto" means "Red coloured" referring to the colour of tomato-based stews. Its origin is from Smyrni , a city on the east shores of the Aegean Sea , today called Izmir by the Turks, after burning the city, occupying it and forcing the Greek population to flee as refugees. Those derooted people brought their cuisine to mainland Greece and many of these recipes are among the best Greek recipes of today!! This dish, just as many others from Smyrni , were enjoyed as appetizers.

The one reason was that they never only cooked one dish. They prepared several dishes just as the Chinese do, enjoying different flavours. The other reason was that these dishes are somewhat "heavy" to digest, so they ate little of many dishes ... You choose how you consume it , either way you will enjoy it !! It's even more tasty if you use mutton or lambs' front leg!


• 800 gr beef chuck or topside , rinsed and cut into 3cm cubes
• 1 kg fresh peas ( when removed from shell ) or frozen ( pity !! )
• 1 bay leaf
• 2 medium onions, peeled, rinsed
• 4 tbsp fresh parsley
• 1 handful of fresh dill. This ingredient characterises this dish!
• 2 large tomatoes, ripe but firm, rinsed
• 1 tsp sweet paprika
• salt pepper to your taste
• 1/2 tsp hot paprika (optional, not original)
• 2 cups extra virgin olive oil


• Sautee the meet until all its juices have evaporated .
• Blend or finely chop the tomatoes , parsley and dill and toss them in the pan .
• Stir until boiling and add 2 mugs of hot water and add salt and pepper .
• Lower your temp an simmer for 60 min , checking and stirring occasionly .
• Add peas and paprika and slowly simmer until peas are done and ALL water has evaporated , leaving only oil at the bottom of your sauce pan .

Kali orexi ( bon appetite ) !!

By Hungerhealer