Pumpkin Pie - Kolokithopita

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 20 February 2015
Pumpkin Pie - Kolokithopita

In Greece, Pumpkin Pie or Kolokithopita is made from pumpkins or marrow. They are both from the same vegetable family and this pie recipe tastes delicious made from either. It has a fabulous creamy texture, contrasting with the crisp filo pastry. Pumpkin Pie is a very versatile snack. It is ideal to eat when you are busy and need a snack to keep you going. Or have as a light lunch. 

It is great to add to childrens’ lunch boxes instead of boring sandwiches; they love the creamy flavour of the pumpkin and feta cheese mixed together. It is also healthy, packed full of nutrients in the pumpkin and feta cheese.


8 sheets filo pastry
butter, melted (for coating the filo)
1 large pumpkin (or marrow)
4 eggs
300 gms feta cheese, crumbled
125 gms melted butter
evaporated milk

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