10 + 1 Highlights Of The Athens (Re) Science Festival 2019 That You Shouldn’t Miss!

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 01 April 2019
10 + 1 Highlights Of The Athens (Re) Science Festival 2019 That You Shouldn’t Miss!
Like every spring for the past 6 years, Athens Science Festival returns this year at Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens from 3 to 7 April! For five days, we will enjoy an exciting world, comprised by various small as well as great wonders of science and technology through speeches, exhibitions, workshops and interactive exhibitions suitable for people of all age groups. From ASF2019 multifaceted program here are 10 + 1 activities that you should not miss!

1. An Astronaut at Athens Re-Science Festival

Space veteran and NASA retired astronaut Clayton C. Anderson has had the unique opportunity to spent 167 days floating over the Blue Planet, to understand its fragility and to admire the beauty of the Earth! In his talk at the Athens Re-Science Festival 2019, he will embark with us on an exciting journey beyond the limits of our planet, with photos taken during his expedition to the International Space Station (ISS), reflections about life onboard the United States’ most complex technical achievement, but also a “mock game of Jeopardy on world geography.

Title: For the beauty of the Earth // Date & Time: Sunday 7 April 2019, 20.00 Clayton C. Anderson’s talk will take place with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

2. Racial & Gender Bias in AI Systems

Can Artificial Intelligence systems become subjects of racial or gender-based prejudice? Should we be worried or are there effective ways to ensure the principles of equality? Alexander Fefegha invites us to talk about issues which will concern us all very soon.

Title: Racial and gender bias in AI systems // Date & Time: Saturday 6 April 2019, 20.30 Alexander Fefegha’s talk will take place with the support of the British Council. Interactive Exhibition

3. Czech Innovation Expo or in Other Words… An Invisible Exhibition

An exhibition which combines interactive audiovisual art with virtual reality (VR) and aspires to travel us through the 100 years of Czech Republic's achievements in the fields of research and science and also to introduce to us the new generation of Czech scientists, researchers and innovative entrepreneurs.

Title of action: Czech Innovation Expo || Date: 3-7 April || With the support of the Czech Center in Athens.

4. Portable Digital Planetarium - Planetarium on the Go

Do you want to see the starry sky as you’ve never seen it before, through a unique audio-visual educational experience? You’re in the right place! In this year’s Athens Re-Science Festival, 8 astronomy documentaries by Planetarium on the Go (Portable Digital Planetarium) will take you on a fascinating journey of space exploration. The Planetarium’s hemispherical shaped screen, 6 meters in diameter, projects images on the entire inner surface of the dome- surrounding viewers and creating an amazing experience of full immersion! Activity

Title: From the Earth to the Universe || Date: 6-7 April || With the support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

5. A Trip to the Science of Meteorology

Visitors of Athens Science Festival should be prepared for a “stormy” and thrilling journey to the science of meteorology, as the scientific partners of the National Observatory of Athens and the meteorological team of meteo.gr, will show them the most interesting aspects of climate and weather phenomena. How are lightnings created? How can we predict the weather by seeing only the clouds? How likely is it to see a hurricane in Greece? What does climate mean and what does it really mean about climate change? Activity

Title: Weather Mysteries… || Date: 3-7 April || Organization: SA TITAN Cements, National Observatory of Athens / Meteorological Scientific Team of meteo.gr

6. The New Exciting Escape Room of The Athens Re-Science Festival

At this year’s Athens Re-Science Festival escape room, humanity is in danger! A series of industrial accidents have poisoned water resources around the world. People drink heavily contaminated water without even knowing it. You and your team must take action! You must create a microorganism that can detect poisonous water and warn people not to drink it. Enter the American Synthetic Biology Laboratories, transform DNA, create a new microorganism and save life on Earth! Activity

Title: Save life on Earth || Date: 3-7 April || Curation: Philippos Tourlomoussis, MIT With the support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens. Workshops for kids and for adults

7. The Tower of Creativity!

Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi, of Hungarian origin, the founder of the Experience Workshop International STEAM Movement (Hungary-Finland), brings into the Athens Re-Science festival some of the unique STEAM activities he has created. During this unique workshop, participants will have the opportunity to participate in a social design project. Warka Water tower is a social design by the Italian architect, Arturo Vittori. The tower was designed so as to provide assistance to Ethiopia’s population in its everyday challenges and specifically their quest for drinking water. Through this workshop, participants will be able to connect the digital modeling with a hands-on activity, thus to become sources of collaborative problem-solving group effort so as to develop creativity and to boost imagination. Activity

Title: Tower of problem-solving and creativity! || Date & time: Saturday 6 April, 12.00 || The workshop will take place with the support of the Hungarian Embassy and Business Grove. Labs for Adults

8. Create 3D Games and Scare Them!

What are the stages of creating a ... terrifying 3D horror game interest? How do we create script and plot? What properties do we give to the characters? These and more will be learned with the help of Unity, the world's most widespread gaming platform. Activity

Title: 3D Horror: from A to Death || Date & Time: Saturday April 6, 15.00 || Organization: SAE Creative Media Education Performances

9. Stand Up Science

For one more year, Science Reactors team will present us with humorous stories as it aspires to show us that science improves our lives through smiling and enjoyable narratives. New skits related to the theme of Athens Re-Science Festival for a sustainable planet and of course re-thinking over the three basic concepts: re-use, re- cycle, reduce.

Event Title: Stand up Science: Science stories and comedy || Date & Time: Friday 5 April, 21.30 || Organized by: Science Reactors

10. FameLab: Final Stage of The Competition:

Ten young people who stood out from the preliminary stage of the FameLab 2019 international competition, will have three minutes to present to the judges a scientific subject of their choice. The charismatic winner of the night will represent our country at FameLab International this June in the UK.

Event Title: FameLab competition || Date & Time: Saturday 6 April, 21.30 || Organization: British Council and The HUB Events, οn the occasion of British Council’s 80 years anniversary celebrations in Greece.

11: Bring Your Old Sneakers With You and Donate Them

During ASF2019, a special sports shoe collection and a re-use bin will be installed to ensure the right to sports, even for those who are not able to buy a pair of sneakers.

Activity Title: Let them run again for a good cause || Date: 3-7 April || Organization: Institute for the World || The program is under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

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