An Expat's Guide To The Best Spots In Athens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 07 September 2017
An Expat's Guide To The Best Spots In Athens
Discover Athens from a tourist who turned a local, the editor-in-chief of Why Athens! Walk around the city to find ancient monuments, live music, outdoor cafes, and rooftop cocktails and truly experience all Athens has to offer.

“There is so much to do in Athens, in fact you can get through several days without visiting the Acropolis but if you haven’t, it should be on the very top of your bucket list! Beyond its ancient history and fascinating sites, Athens is a cultural city with a long heritage in theatre.”

“Food and wine has reached new heights with a lot more international flavours emerging than ever before. Greeks love their sushi and Japanese is done exceptionally well at the Galaxy Bar and Restaurant on the twelfth floor of the Hilton Athens, Nobu Matsuhisa at the Arion Resort is one of the best and Sushimou is a humble alternative.”

“Buzzing plateia (large city squares) will lure you in for an extended coffee break, or the small spaces between buildings may see you at the latest day bar, where the new generation hang out. Six D.O.G.S is a favourite of mine.”

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