A Perfect Day ~ Athens Beyond The Ruins

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 20 May 2016
A Perfect Day ~ Athens Beyond The Ruins
Our very own XpatAthens blogger Costa Tzavaras shared with La Carte Travel Magazine what makes a perfect day in Athens! Complete with museums, lots of eating, drinking, and shopping, he tells us about the city's most unique spots to check out. Here are a few of his stellar recommendations.

Sip the nectar of the gods
‘In Athens, coffee is our most important meal of the day so we’re starting out at Yasemi. It’s a sweet little café on the edge of Anafiotika, a tiny island-like oasis in the historic Plaka district. Hot coffee is a no-no during Greek summer — unless you want TOURIST stamped on your forehead — so order your brew iced. Sip your godly nectar on the café’s pillow-lined steps and listen to the cacophony of Greek voices discuss what they got up to last night.’

Lunch atop the ruins
‘With its contemporary design, modern Greek menu and delightful sidewalk tables facing the ancient Agora, Moma restaurant is a jewel in the Athenian crown. Vibe to the cool music and people-watch the even cooler patrons while you nosh on perfectly grilled salmon and mushrooms or traditional cheese pie. A must-see in this restaurant: the bathroom, with its glass floor sitting atop ancient ruins — a reminder that you’re dining in one of the oldest cities on Earth.’

Run with the pack
‘Athens is hot so let’s cool down with a glass of wine or a cold beer. Follow me through an alley you’d avoid in most cities and down a questionable flight of stairs into Six Dogs, a magical Athenian playground. Dip your feet in the warm sand or swing under massive, ancient trees while you sip your drink and watch the young and beautiful play. Sway to the beat of the live musicians and know in your heart that this is exactly how life should be.’

But wait! There’s more…
‘One day is not enough to explore this ancient city! Sneak in a few extra hours and hop a cab to Akanthus beach bar on the Athenian Riviera. In Athens we say the sea is never far from your thoughts …’

To read about this perfect day in full, please visit: La Carte
By Tonisha Robinson