How To Celebrate A Quarantine Valentine's Day

  • by XpatAthens
  • Saturday, 13 February 2021
How To Celebrate A Quarantine Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day is here. The celebration of love, for those who believe in it, of course. It certainly is not the only day to celebrate love. For me it is yet another reason to give and receive love. How, you may ask, especially now that quarantine number 3 is on.

“My husband works in the Middle East and it makes no sense to celebrate alone,” one of my clients told me recently.” “Since all this has started, both my partner and I have been working from home and we’re all day in our jumpers. Valentine’s won’t make a difference,” said another. “With three kids at home this will be just another crazy weekend,” added a third one.

I’m sure they are not the only ones who would prefer something different. We are all tired from this quarantine and the slightest change would make a huge difference. How can we make this change? Here are but some ideas to help you going.
  • Instead of the classic chocolate cake, how about finding a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and baking them with your partner.

  • Find your favorite songs and bring back the memories – the occasion and place you were when you first listened to them together. Geographical distance may separate you but fortunately the internet has the power to unite you. And while online shopping may not be on top of your list, it does help.

  • Dance your favorite songs together and even better, include your children if you have any.

  • Create your own unique card and surprise him/her.

  • Remember where you met first, how you felt, the special circumstances and share your story with your children.

  • Write down the characteristics you admire in your partner and recite them to him/her or give them to him/her to read.

  • Remember some funny moments you’ve experienced throughout your relationship.

  • Cook a meal together or with your kids if they are around – and yes, chips, beer, pizza and juices are all welcomed.

Put your imagination to work and you will find many different, beautiful and funny ways to celebrate. It does not matter what you do but how you do it. And even more how you do it not only this one day but every single day of the year. What really matters is that you recognize and accept and celebrate the person – and with the person – you love every day.

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Written by Nadia Georgiou.


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