What The Carnival Costume You Choose May Reveal About You

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 04 March 2022
What The Carnival Costume You Choose May Reveal About You
Carnival time or Apokries in Greek is at its peak. During these three weeks, it’s customary for children and adults alike to have fun, to party, and to dress up; customs that go back to the festivities in honor of god Dionysus in Ancient Greece.

Carnival is one of the rare chances we get to try something different, something crazy because hey, it’s just for fun. By choosing to put on a mask or a costume we can leave our everyday identities at home and put on a completely new identity; one we don’t own in our daily lives.

Of course, not everyone is up for it. There are those who feel quite uncomfortable dressing up. I personally enjoy Carnival and dressing up. I feel like a little kid, full of energy, free of my daily challenges, and ready to have fun. How about you? Are you among those in favor of dressing up? And if so, what is your favorite costume?

In an unofficial survey that I did with my clients, the costume of Cleopatra came by far first among women. When I asked them why they chose it their initial answer was because they like the outfit and because Cleopatra was a good-looking woman. When we went a bit deeper and started talking about the qualities of her character, my clients said they liked very specific traits such as her leadership qualities, her ability to set limits, her steady focus as well as her grace, beauty, femininity, and confidence. They also liked to get into the role and behave like her. They even admitted that these exact qualities they admired about Cleopatra were the ones they wanted to have more of into their daily lives.

It’s true that uniforms create some psychological transformation even if it’s for a very short time and even if it’s for fun. So, next time you choose your Carnival costume just think about what this may say about your personality.

Originally published on: itsmylife.gr