Why Setting New Year's Resolutions Is Important

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 28 December 2021
Why Setting New Year's Resolutions Is Important
The arrival of the new year provides us with the opportunity to make a fresh start, consider what we want to accomplish in our life, establish new goals, and promise ourselves that we will achieve them. Although we may break all of our promises in the first 20 days of January, this does not mean we should stop making goals; it means we need to work harder to achieve them.

Goals provide us with a sense of direction in life. We can compare them to a map or a compass. They show us the way when we're lost or don't know where we're going. When we have goals, fear is replaced by a sense of security, confidence, and self-assurance - a sense that we know who we are, what we do, and where we are heading. So, let's take a closer look at why goals are so crucial in our lives.

1. Goals Motivate Us 

Lack of motivation is one of the most significant impediments in our life. How many times have we decided to make a change, only to find that our efforts were futile and that we eventually gave up? Maybe the reason why we don't achieve our goals is that we lack motivation. And when we say motivation, we don't just mean an external reward, since that isn't enough. The most powerful motives are the inner ones, the ones that emerge from within us, just like goals. Setting objectives forces us to think about the end result, the outcome of our efforts, and what we want to accomplish. They constantly remind us why we do what we do, increasing our chances of success.

2. Goals Help Us Stay Focused

Nowadays, everything around us seems to be in constant motion, making it very easy to be distracted and deviate from our path. However, as we said before, having a goal is similar to having a map; it helps us keep on track and stay entirely focused. If there is a clear goal behind our actions, then it is much easier to invest all of our energy reserves, as well as our focus, in achieving that goal.

3. Goals Provide Stability 

It is a fact that we cannot reliably make plans for the future, especially in the era of the pandemic, when everything around us is fluid, because we don't know what will happen tomorrow, let alone in a year or two. Even amid an era of pandemic, instability, and liquidity, however, setting goals can assist us in making the best decisions possible, based on our needs and aspirations, ultimately delivering a feeling of stability that we now need more than ever.

So, now that we have explained why it is so important to set goals let's start working to achieve them. It is not just fulfillment. Let's enjoy the whole journey that brings us closer to the desired result. And remember that what ultimately weighs heavy on our hearts is what we never did because we were too tired, scared, or thought we would never succeed.