Self-Acceptance: How Hard Can It Be?

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 12 November 2021
Self-Acceptance: How Hard Can It Be?
These days I’m contemplating with the meaning of two small words that when put together they have the power to create miracles: “accept yourself.” I’m sure you hear and read about it all the time. But what does it really mean for you though?

One of my clients just got a new job. She’s a young woman, climbing the corporate ladder. She’s also the person that will wholeheartedly give a hand when needed. Another is a supermom of two who tries to keep the family balance while at the same time teaching part-time and volunteering in a children’s center. Both are kind and sweet and smart and good-looking. Both are amazing women. But when you ask them “what does accepting yourself mean?” and “do you really accept yourself?” you won’t get quite the positive response you’d expect.

And they’re not the only ones dealing with issues of self-acceptance. “Why?” you may ask.

Because one may have dark spots on her skin and believe no one wants to be with her; or because she cannot accept her curly hair and is constantly trying to make them straight; or because she doesn’t have the super career her sister does; or because she doesn’t have a university degree; or because her boyfriend/husband left her; or because her mother doesn’t approve of her way of raising her children; or because she’s not as slim as that model on TV. Any reason will do.

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you or any of your close friends been in this position? I know I have and it’s taken me a while to get out of there and into greener fields. I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned and am still learning.

Accept yourself as you are. Accept yourself with pride, not self-pity. Accept yourself when you’re happy and when you’re moody. Accept yourself when you have a fabulous day and when your day is ruined. Accept yourself without any criticism or self-judgment only with the will to become better, do better. Because when you accept yourself as you are a brand new world of opportunities opens up. Your horizons broaden and new choices make themselves visible. And that, my dear friend, is the first step of a new chapter in your new life.

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