September: A Month For New Goals & Beginnings

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 22 September 2021
September: A Month For New Goals & Beginnings
September is the month of new beginnings. If you’re a working woman your summer vacation is usually over by now and you’re back to work. If you have children, whether you are a staying home or a working mum, you have lots of planning as it’s the month schools and extracurricular activities start. In any case, there’re lots to think about, lots of decisions to be made so as to plan and organize the year ahead.

For me, September is the month I set my goals. When my clients ask me “Why now? Why not in January when the New Year actually begins?” I give them my personal reasoning: Because that’s when I get back to work after my summer vacation; that’s when I restart my working out; that’s when my daughter goes back to school; that’s when her – and mine – extracurricular activities start again; that’s when I have lots of ideas about what to do that’s new and exciting; that’s when I start fresh. September just makes it easier for me.

I’ll share with you, as I share with my clients, my little secret: For me goals are not just something I want to do or achieve. It’s not about being the big achiever type, the superwoman or the I-do-it-all-mum. My goals are important to me because they define who I am; they are essential in my development, my progress; they give me the opportunity to become who I want to be. That’s why I put a lot of thinking and I choose them carefully.

A couple of useful tips if you’re into goal setting for yourself are: First, your goals need to be very clear and specific. And second, you need to have a very strong motive.

If you’re ready to start but are not sure about which goals are better for you, how to define them or how to go about them then I would certainly recommend finding a person to work with. Whether a life coach or a mentor, it has to be a person you trust and feel good with as they will walk this path along with you, help you to get in action, and save you time and energy in achieving your goals.

I would urge you to start in September. It’s a great month to think of your personal development and start with new things, new adventures, new ideas.

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