How Nature Reduces Pandemic Related Stress

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 14 January 2021
How Nature Reduces Pandemic Related Stress
62% of UK adults have found relief from COVID-19 related stress by walking in nature. This information has been revealed by research carried out by the Mental Health Foundation.

Nearly half mentioned that spending time in green spaces helped them cope with the growing stress of the pandemic. Even if the distance traveled was not very long and the walk was only a short one, going outdoors had a positive impact on people's mental well-being.

Although science has not yet determined why nature is so healing, this research supports the findings of many previous studies that indicate a connection between access to green space and a reduced risk of mental health problems. In light of the study, the Mental Health Foundation partnered with WWF to publish a mental health book.

How Nature Supports Mental Well-Being

The 'Thriving With Nature' guide explores this relationship between the natural world and our mental well-being. The guide examines how nature can support positive mental well-being, but also how we can help nature in return.

"The benefits are often related to how our senses connect us to the environment," he says. From the natural forms and shapes that we see, the smells of the trees, and the charm that nature can stimulate by helping our mind to rest." Both organizations encourage people to find rest and relief in the green spaces that surround them.

For those of you who think 'I do not have time to get to the mountains or the great rugged landscape', a walk in a city park next to a canal can be just as refreshing, writes UK TV presenter Julia Bradbury in the guidebook's foreword. And if you work in an urban jungle, it is still worth going out into the light. A single tree can inspire as much joy as a "Great View". 'Thriving With Nature' offers seasonal suggestions for activities such as growing your own food and "green exercise" by cycling or walking in a green area.

Along with practical recommendations, the guide also offers techniques that help fight stress and encourage you to become aware of what you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.
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