5000 years Greek Civilization - 50 years handmade creations!

Celebrating 50 years in the field of museum replicas, art originals and business gifts, we continue daring for the best!
50 years and more of continuous contribution to the Arts and Culture of Greece.

Many thanks to museums, galleries, Greek and foreign artists, organizations and companies, who through large or small co-operations, chose us to give shape to a moment, flesh to an idea! Together, we explored the myriad possibilities of imagination and creativity and since 1963 we become better every day.

We are here to continue with new proposals and fresh ideas! To give you the opportunity to acquire pieces of our collection, artwork of high aesthetic that is created by hand and preserve its value throughout the years, comming from workshops with tradition like PHILIPPAKIS ART.

Having studied the ancient Greek art and craftsmanship of the metal processing, we create in our workshops selected artwork, in museum replicas, sculpture, jewelry, interior decoration, business gifts and personilized gifts.

We work with various metals, such as, silver, copper, bronze, aluminum, marble and resin. Our source of inspiration is Ancient Greek culture, art and civilization, as well as contemporary themes.

All our artwork is handmade. Coloring is achieved by natural oxidation of the metals and bear as guarantee our logo and signature. All items are accompanied by description of the finding in Greek and in English.

MuseumMasters.gr is the e-store were shopping creates a connection with Greece, Greek Art and the world of arts. Visits are enjoyable, educational and insiprational.

Enjoy them... and take a piece of Greece with you!