Andros Trail Race - Cyclades Trail Cup

  • by XpatAthens
Andros Trail Race - Cyclades Trail Cup Andros island is the second biggest of the Cyclades islands. It is only two hours from the port of Rafina and offers more than 100km of trekking paths.

24km Main Race

Athletes will have the opportunity to face new challenges through a demanding race with various elevation gain, interesting racing fields and breathtaking view.

The traditional villages of Lardia, Gianissaio, Kochylou, the castle-like monastery of Panachrandou, streams, the Dipotamata gorge, the stone arched bridge, the Venetian paved road, the medieval castle of Kochylou are some of the points of interest.

10km Small

In the 10km Small Race athletes will be introduced to the wider area of Korthi Bay, by crossing traditional villages, beautiful trails surrounded by a unique rural landscape.

Stone springs, dovecotes, the windmill, the watermill and the Love Bridge (Little England movie) in Episkopio, the traditional villages of Alamania, Episkopio and Lardia are some of the points of interest.

5km City Trail Run & Hike 

An easy route addressed to athletes over 18 years old, ideal for anyone who wishes to run for the first time in the city and its outskirts. A wonderful racing experience for every athlete or enthusiastic hiker. A combination of mountain race and asphalt running.