Routes In Marpissa Festival 2018

  • by XpatAthens
Routes In Marpissa Festival 2018
This year’s “Routes in Marpissa” will be tastier than ever, since the salt is the thematic axis around which the three-day, experiential and cultural festival will be designed. The festival will take place for the ninth consecutive year in the traditional settlement of Marpissa in Paros.

The salt of the earth, the salt of the sea, the salt of life and the salt of the soul, a vital element and source of life, a precious commodity characterized by many as “the white gold” will be scattered in every corner, every alley of Marpissa, to satisfy the palate, mind and soul.

Selected points of the traditional settlement will be transformed into specially designed stations of interest, where people of all ages will be able to take part in games and experiential activities. In parallel, a contemporary art exhibition will be held throughout the three days, regarding the theme of “salt”, as well as various events, such as, workshops, lectures, and concerts.

Inspired by the village, accompanied by the residents and aiming at the action, come and walk with us in Marpissa !