Insomnia - Propsero Theatre Group

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Insomnia - Propsero Theatre Group

The newly formed "Prospero Theater Group" presents the Canadian play of Guillermo Verdecchia and Daniel Brooks under the name "Insomnia" at Avaton Theatre. The play will be presented for the first time in Greece and Europe. The originality of the show lies in the fact that the play will be presented in English language by a bilingual troupe company.


The contemporary play "Insomnia" is a brilliant exploration of the inner world of a couple facing the possibility of pregnancy and worrying about the changes brought in their life and relationship. The global economic crisis and the personal insecurities of the couple come forward and therefore, we observe how they imagine their "horrific" life after a few years, projecting their fears through snapshots of their everyday life. It is a witty fast-paced play that deals with serious issues -including fragmentation within society, within the family and within the individual- using a surreal blend of humor, tragedy and bold performances from its four actors.                                                                                      

Note: This performance will be in the English language without Greek surtitles

Show times: 14 February-5 April, every Saturday and Sunday at 21.00

Prospero Non-Profit Theater Company

Prospero Theater Group is a new company founded by Greek-Canadian actor George Papastylianos, with the intention of providing English-speaking audiences in Greece with a highly professional theatrical experience in the English language. The bilingual group consists of experienced, acclaimed, and committed theatre professionals who were either raised or trained in English-speaking countries, with an emphasis on Canada.


Our primary goal is to connect with native or fluent English speakers who reside in Greece, but who rarely have the opportunity to attend the theatre due to language barriers. By offering professional productions of plays from English-speaking cultures, we hope to open up a new theatre audience in Greece. The recent and growing success of “NT Live” screenings from the National Theatre of England demonstrates a considerable appetite for such events.

Equally important for us is the promotion of Canadian culture, which is sometimes (unfortunately) overlooked within Europe. This is why we have chosen the Canadian play Insomnia for our premiere production, which has already secured the full support of the Canadian Institute in Greece.

Additionally, we hope to attract students of Greek schools teaching English as a second language, offering a valuable, authentic cultural experience in their learning process.


Authors:  Guillermo Verdecchia & Daniel Brooks
Director: Milena Partheniou
Set and Costume Designer:  Cleves Chrysikou
Music composition: Christos Gousios


John F.: George Papastylianos
Gwen:  Mary Petroutsa
William: Dimitris Stratas
Kate:  Irene Chronaki

Production Coordinator: George Papastylianos
Photo Credits:  Angeliki-Irene Mitsi
Press communication: Marianna Papaki, Nodas Douzinas



  • When: 14 Feb 2015 - 05 Apr 2015
  • Where: Avaton Theatre, Evpatridon 3, Gazi, Athens
  • Price: € 12 & € 8 (reduced)
  • Title: Insomnia - Propsero Theatre Group
  • Contact Number: 2103412689 / 6973685097
  • Website: