Street Food & Tunes - A Tropical Night At The Big Kahuna

  • by XpatAthens
Street Food & Tunes - A Tropical Night At The Big Kahuna
Hidden in a metal warehouse on Salamino's pedestrian street in Kerameikos The Big Kahuna has become the new talk of talk of the town. 

The reasons are obvious and you will understand soon as you enter the place! There's an open kitchen, floral mood, bamboo construction, flowers everywhere, fun surf music and most of all ... a menu from another planet!

Stephanos and Dimitris were tested through pop up projects at the biggest street food festivals in Athens, traveled far and brought in Kerameikos a gastronomic experience dressed in the most joyful colors and tropical moods!

The Kahuna Bros are opening their tropical universe for an unexpected evening party on Monday April 24th!
  • Hawaiian Hot Dog - with roasted corn beef, minced beef, iceberg, Hellmann's chill mayo, caramel pineapple and nachos 

  • The Predator - brioche bun burger with crocodile fillet patty, Hellmann's chipotle mayo, American Smokey BBQ Sauce Hellmann's, iceberg, crispy onions and baked pineapple with chili, coriander and lime 

  • Slow n 'Low Burrito - with pulled pork, red rice, cheddar, black beans (pintos), jalapeños and iceberg peppers, Hellmann's mayo with chilli 

  • Caribbean Festival Sandwich - jerk chicken, mango, green salad, Hellmann's spicy mayo and crispy onions 
Drink Menu
  • Lynchburg Lemonade - Jack Daniel’s No7, Triple Sec, Sprite, lemon juice, sugar syrup.

  • Jack Honey Ginger Ale - Jack Daniel’s Honey, Schweppes Ginger Ale, orange peelings.
As with all of our Jack Daniels events – anyone who enjoys our proposed cocktails are entered into a drawing for a bbq and electric guitar!

Event starts at 19:00.