• by Eleni Vardaki
Who's this for:

Are you're tired of feeling stressed, worried, or anxious? This workshop will teach you some gentle self-soothing techniques that have been proven to effectively release stress from the body. Eleni Vardaki is an experienced workshop leader who's run wellbeing workshops for parents, students, and teachers. This workshop is for parents who want to deepen their knowledge of how they can take better care of their emotional health in difficult times, by tapping into their body's intelligence.

Small and cozy: 

The workshop is capped at 6 participants, to create a cozy and comfortable learning environment for all.


This is an online workshop for parents all over the world. We will meet on Zoom. You will receive the Zoom video conference call link with instructions for how to join the workshop via e-mail, once your payment is processed. 

Please note:

This is not a group therapy session, it is an educational workshop where you will learn some useful tools and techniques that you can use to gently release stress and overwhelm from your body.

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