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XpatAthens is a Greek nonprofit organization that has been serving and connecting Greece's international community since 2007. Our readers include international citizens living in Greece, global followers interested in what's happening in Greece, as well as travelers planning their holidays in Greece. Learn more about us here.

Sharing your business or service on XpatAthens is an opportunity to connect with an international community of people living in Greece; it will also benefit you by building quality traffic from a reputable digital source. If you’d like to tell our ever-growing audience about your business or service, and support our efforts in growing and connecting the international community in Greece, then we invite you to consider one of the business packages below and/or contact us so we can discover the most effective way to communicate your services.

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1. Products Package - 100 + VAT

Post your products in our Agorá Marketplace, a space on XpatAthens where readers can explore and connect with authentic local products. Invite a new community of people into your business and share your unique products online!

Our Agorá Marketplace Package includes:
This Package is ideal for local Greek producers like:
  • Authors
  • Artists 
  • Designers
  • Food Producers
  • Shops with unique local products

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2. Services Package - €100 +VAT

Are you a local service provider who speaks English? Then get noticed by English-speaking locals, benefit from the traffic coming directly to you, and reach a new audience with little effort and low cost. 

Our Services Package includes:
  • One business listing. (See example)
  • One article publication on our website (content must be provided).
  • 2 weeks of banner exposure in our newsletter. 

The Services Package is ideal for:
  • Businesses that would like to attract an English speaking audience.
  • Service providers like accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, etc
  • Health care providers like doctors, dentists, therapists
  • Start-ups looking to introduce their service to a new market.
  • Shops & e-shops
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 3. Experience Package - €100 +VAT For 1 Year

Our readers are always looking for recommendations on where to go and what to do in Athens and around Greece. Posting on XpatAthens means you’ll invite a unique community of people into your business so they can experience the country, its culture and its people.

Our Experience Package includes:
The Experience Package is ideal for:
  • Restaurants, bars & cafes
  • Hotels, hostels & other accommodation

  • Workshop & seminar providers
  • Retreat, tour & experience providers
  • Wellness providers like fitness centers, coaches, spas, retreat providers

  • Schools
  • Camps
  • Extra Curricular Activity Providers
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