The 'Suspended' Program For The Needy

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 04 March 2016
The 'Suspended' Program For The Needy
In a recent show of solidarity with fellow citizens, many Greek merchants have launched a food and coffee 'suspended' program for the needy.

The process happens something like this -
you walk into the butcher shop and order the meat that you need for your own personal consumption. Then you tell the butcher that you’d also like to buy some additional meat and place it on the 'suspended' list for a family in need. The butcher keeps a record on what has been purchased 'on hold' and lists it on a banner or chalkboard inside or outside the shop.

Similar campaigns are popping in various other shops, like coffee shops, throughout the country. Patrons are able to purchase “suspended” coffees, sandwiches and other items for those in need.

A Facebook page (in Greek) can be followed HERE.

Originally posted on: Pappas Post