Remembering The Souls Lost In The Aegean

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 09 November 2015
Remembering The Souls Lost In The Aegean
Religion typically divides us as people, but in Lesbos last week at the memorial service for the souls lost in the Aegean, Muslims and Christians prayed together. Each prayed based on their beliefs and together they stood in the face of reality's pain.

As described by the photographer, Konstantinos Vougioukas:

'A mother stands as a statue. One can feel how historical such moments are when you see Christians and Muslims praying all together for the victims that drowned in the Aegean Sea... Because human life does not recognize religion.'

Originally posted in Greek on LIFO. Photo by Konstantinos Vougioukas.

In our research about the photographer Konstantinos Vougioukas, we came across these powerful videos and wanted to also share them with you. Simply incredible.



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