Important Tips For Using A Trailer Or Tow-Bar On Your Car In Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 08 September 2020
Important Tips For Using A Trailer Or Tow-Bar On Your Car In Greece
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has issued a new directive regarding towing and trailers which affects all passengers with private and commercial vehicles.

All trailers will be considered to be separate vehicles from now on, and will require their own separate registration document. The new registration documents must be issued by December 12, 2020. Old tow notes will no longer be valid. The owner must also keep both registration documents (can and trailer) in the car.

Regarding tow-bars, these must all be retractable or detachable and should not protrude when a trailer is not towed. Cars with old tow-bars are required to replace them with removable or retractable ones. When not used, the tow-bar must either be detached or folded so that it does not protrude from the bumper.

It is also clarified that in KTEO tests (MOT), a vehicle with a fixed, non-removable or non-retractable tow-bar will be flagged, and the owner will have to go for a re-inspection within a month.

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