• by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 07 May 2020
Digitizing Greece
The coronavirus pandemic has brought global uncertainty but on the bright side has offered new opportunities in many other sectors. People have been discovering new things about themselves, sharing their talents online and connecting with more people than they typically would have done in the past a dialy basis. During our time in coping with social distancing, technology has been our friend.
It has also been an opportunity for the Greek government to improve digitally, and provide a helpful website for its citizens. For many years, citizens have faced difficulties with the poorly constructed and complicated websites that were offered, but now, thanks to recent improvements, they can be assisted by one platform which is a lot easier and understandable to use - welcome gov.gr!

A government platform created without the help of major IT masterminds or astronomical funding, provided with the safety of not needing to go to the local “Citizen Service Centers” (KEP) to get the job done. Through this platform one can issue, online, 13 kinds of certificates such as birth, marriage or death, permanent residence etc. The certificates can either be sent via email, post as a hard copy (free of charge) or can automatically be saved and renewed in a personal digital “safe deposit box.” To access gov.gr's digital services users will need to sign-in with their TaxisNet credentials.

To date, the gov.gr platform is available only in Greek. However, if you are looking for some of the most often used forms in English, you can check out ermis.gov.gr
It seems that it took a while for Greece to digitally grow, and they seemed to have achieved it overnight.

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