8 Women & Their Cows – The Dairy Producers Of Gynekokastro

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 08 November 2018
8 Women & Their Cows – The Dairy Producers Of Gynekokastro
The title '8 Women & Their Cows' may sound funny but the fact is that 8 women from northern Greece have come together to create what is probably the most noteworthy dairy company in Greece! Antigone, Despina, Erasmia, Koula, Crystalli, Lambrini, Sylvia, and Christina are the '8 Women' who decided to join forces, share their knowledge and love for good quality milk, to create a dairy company aptly named 'Women Dairy Producers of Gynekokastro'. Six of them come from a livestock industry background and have been active in milk production and cow breeding for years, while the other two have entrepreneurial backgrounds.
Their love for fresh milk as well as their family traditions led them to create an ambitious private company, based in Gynekokastro near the city of Kilkis in northern Greece. Even though their endeavor is a very challenging one, the 8 women aim to provide Greek families with high quality fresh milk, produced exclusively in the specific geographical area.

Taking into account the way they care for their own people, they managed to produce a rich, delicious and authentic milk–the kind of milk they would want their own family to drink. A pure and fresh milk, the milk of '8 Women'.
Photo Credit: @8gynaikes