Community Groups Around Athens

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  • Thursday, 12 February 2015
Community Groups Around Athens


Our ADHD partners (defined here as spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, and even adult family members) can be wonderful to be around. They can be charming, creative, spontaneous and witty. Our relationships with them can be filled with great love, BUT at the same time these relationships can be filled with great challenges.

For an individual whose partner has ADHD, negative relationship dynamics can range from confusion (such as when your partner doesn
t remember definitive plans or conversations), to outright pain and anger (such as if your partner ignores you and your children, explodes every so often with no obvious awareness of his/her impact, or wreaks havoc on your family finances).

Many times it is difficult for a person whose partner has ADHD to find support for themselves. On top of their confusion or anger, there might be extreme depression, feelings of guilt, and insecurity. It can be easy for them to feel isolated with their difficulties. Friends and family might not be able to help when they do not recognize or acknowledge ADHD as the core reason for these issues. Additionally, there might be cultural reasons preventing people from seeking professional help with their depression or relationship problems.

The ADHD Partners Support Group is a group of people who want to connect with other people facing similar challenges in their relationships affected by ADHD. There are no medical professionals present, and it is not psychotherapy. It is simply a place where you can talk, ask questions, and, most importantly, feel supported. The group is free, and meets twice a month, on the second Monday and last Wednesday of the month (next meetings are November 12 & 28, 2012). The moderator speaks English and some Greek, but the group is bilingual--welcoming anyone regardless of language background.

For more information, please contact the ADHD Partners Support Group moderator, Rachel Benbow.

Phone: 6948-732274



We are a group of mothers from many places (including Greece!) who have chosen to let our children play in and around a house with a kitchen, clean bathroom, two inside playrooms and a small garden. In the house, there is a bin of play clothes with costumes, dress-up, long scarves, and make-believe type items, a small selection of wooden puzzles, a wooden kitchen set with some pretend food items, and a selection of books as well. In another room we have a table for a craft area and some crayons, paints, paper and other such items in the closet. However, by far the area most used in our wonderfully temperate Greece is the garden.


Sandbox, play toy house, two small slides and small swing shaded by olive and orange (neragia) trees. A small section for small tricycles and an outside terrace with a see-saw and a small child’s table and… Chairs and benches for the moms!


On the majority of days, children run outside in a free-play style creating their own games with the few items at hand,  while mothers look on and chat about different things going on. What is most amazing is how the children play so well together and it is so enjoyable to watch their games of fantasy and imagination – and to see how little parents really need to be involved! In most cases, parental “involvement” is usually reserved for someone who has fallen and scraped a leg or hurt him/herself in a minor way. There are occasional skirmishes and disagreements about sharing of toys, etc. when we need to intervene but overall, due to the large age range, some children take on the ‘teacher’ role and help the younger ones stay in line.


The age range is constantly fluctuating, even as I write this we have two expectant mothers in the group – and I would have to write an update every month to ‘change’ the age range category! Essentially we have a group of mothers from newborns to age 7. Whatever age your child is, there will be something for him/her to enjoy at our group. The older children love ‘being the boss’ and the newborns love to just look around and salivate!


As with the age range, the schedule is sometimes flexible too. If the hours we currently have do not suit you, let us know what time IS best, and we’ll see if other mothers have that time free too. Currently we meet on Tuesday mornings 10 -12 and Friday from 16:00 to sunset and more... While we don’t expect you to stay this entire time, you may just do that once you get chatting with us! But seriously, the time schedule is ‘open’ as some mothers come earlier, leave earlier and others come later.


For information on fees please contact Amy 210 8083182.


Limnou 6, Agia Paraskevi



Hold meetings in English every Monday at 7:00 p.m. at 19 Kasomoulis Stret, Neos Kosmos, near tram and Metro stop, offering support to anyone troubled by someone else's drinking.



Field hockey on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (northern suburbs). Contact Antonis Mavridis on 6942-404-066 or 210-617-8030 or email



Speak better, Sound better, Lead better! Communication and leadership skills go hand in hand. Members of the HAU Athens Toastmasters club meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month at 6.45 in Kolonaki. In each meeting our members practice impromptu speaking followed by prepared speeches and feedback. Our mission is to help each other grow as speakers as well as leaders. Guests are always welcome and membership is open throughout the year. For further details contact or call 210 368 0900.



Our Philosophy Café is a monthly meeting to discuss some of the most challenging questions of philosophy at Lexi-Logos, a charming Language & Culture Center in Plaka, downtown Athens. The aim of the Philosophy Café is to introduce different philosophical topics – mainly, but not only, from the Ancient Greek Philosophy – and to discuss them together with the participants in a free exchange of ideas.

The meetings start with a presentation by a professional philosopher about the month’s subject and are followed by an analysis and discussion with the participants.

Our Philosophy Café is open to everyone interested in philosophy. The meetings are held in English. Residents from all over the world in Athens, visitors, and also Greeks are welcome!

The meetings start at 8pm.



We train every Thursday and Saturday. For more info contact Evan at 6970135942.


The Athens Strollers is a walking group who organizes walks in and around Athens on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our group is for those who want to:

- Get some exercise at the weekend
- Explore the countryside around and outside Athens
- Meet different people from different nationalities and make new friends

After each outing, members relax and join a meal in good company in a nearby tavern.

You can join our walks free of charge. Just show up at the meeting point if you want to join. You need good spirit; no special hiking clothes are needed except for a good pair of hiking shoes. Kids and dogs are welcome too.

For information about our next walk, please visit More questions or apply for our newsletter? Mail to or call Hetty at 6973535692.



American women based in the Athens area interested in networking with other ladies from the USA and fundraising for charity are invited to attend one of the monthly luncheons or an area meeting of the American Women’s Organization of Greece (AWOG). At least once a month members are offered a cultural excursion to a museum or artistic exhibition. Area meetings are held mornings on weekdays usually in members homes and the monthly luncheon is held mornings on weekdays usually at a hotel. There are meetings in the evenings for working women. The main fundraiser is the Christmas Bazaar held in November. Proceeds go to charities in Greece. To attend a meeting, please call 210-362-4115, 6942 940 720, e-mail or visit the AWOG website: 



A running group that organizes a run & walk every week in and around Athens. Meet every Sunday at 11 am. A trail is laid that allows mixed ability runners and walkers to exercise in different areas around Athens. Duration: 1-2 hours.  Then meet back and enjoy some fun social interaction and then optionally join up for a meal in a local taverna. For more info, call Sam Biggs at mobile 6932096555, email or visit


Calling all players, fans, umpires and scorekeepers, cricket & rounders players included! For more info contact Mark at 210 962 7923.



Would you like to be part of a Bluegrass Circle/ Blues and Rock Jam Session that meets a few times a month? It's free (of course) and open to all talent levels. I play guitar and harmonica. These are not lessons but intended for musicians who want to have fun and grow with other musicians. Email me ( and we can all agree on when and where. Let the good times roll!  Phone: 210-683-8507


‘Friends of Canada’ is an informal Athenian network that facilitates the exchange of information and camaraderie for Canadians and friends of Canada from all nations. It hosts several events, including regular ‘Canada Nights'. For more information, see or contact



These coffee mornings run on the third Wednesday of each month, including July and August, at The Katsarina Taverna, Kifissias 311 and P. Tsaldari (follow the main road north from Kifissia centre), where English speaking (mostly) people can chat with old friends or meet new ones. There is no membership involved, no-strings attached and the events are open to anyone who would like to spend a morning in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with pleasant surroundings . Second-hand English books are available, at low cost, each month and various other items are sold either regularly or from time to time. This is an independently organised venture which has the support of the Anglican Church in Greece.

Contact number: Chris - 6977 377 655.



The Athens Community Connect Coffee Morning meets on the second WEDNESDAY of each month at their usual venue, Daidalou 18, Plaka (only 2 minutes from St. Paul's Anglican Church, Philellinon) from 10.30 to 12.30. Join us for coffee, tea, cake and conversation. Stock up on handmade greetings cards, nearly-new clothing, bargain items, bring-and-buy book sale. Children’s Corner. Further information from Anne Dedes, Tel: 2105129261 / Mobile: 6938973623.



English-speaking support group for those concerned about a relative or friend's drug use, meets every Friday between 10:30a.m. and 12 noon in Glyfada. For more info ring 210 8942919 or 6972398509.



On Saturday afternoons: We are looking for more players for our group, which is made up of guys of varoius nationalities including Greek, British, Australian and Dutch, in their late 20s and early 30s. the standard of performance is average and the atmosphere is non-competitive. we usually play in Halandri or Holargos between 6 and 7 pm. If you are interested email



English speaking lodge of Regular Freemasons meets twice monthly in central Athens. For information, please call:  210.899.4560 or 694 452 0266



First Wednesday of Every Month(unless otherwise advised), at 20:30, usually - but not always - at the St. Catherine's British Embassy School in Lycovrissi. EVERYBODY welcome... members and non-members. St. Catherine's British Embassy School Sofokli Venizelou 73 Lykovrissi, Athens. Please E-mail at



Are you looking for an English speaking playgroup? Do you want a fun and safe place for your little one to learn, play, and meet friends?
We are a parent run playgroup. A warm environment in which parents and their children can spend time together. Our members are from all over the world.

Come visit us and enjoy a day at a parent-run, non-profit playgroup & family club. Your little one will love the daily programme of puzzles, outside play, toys, homemade playdough, project time, story time and sing-along.

If you are a native English speaker, a non-native English speaker or a parent looking for an international atmosphere for your little one, this is the place to be.

It is a perfect opportunity for your child to experience a “nursery” style environment through your guidance.
For further information visit our website:


Melissia Writing Group meets once a week every Thursday. You can come join a morning group which meets from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  or (NEW ) an evening group which meets from 5 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.  Both groups are open to aspiring and published writers who want to start new stories, improve their writing skills, finish a work-in-progress or just experiment with fiction writing. We analyze award winning short stories, learn about the elements of fiction, produce new writing.  Using writing prompts all in the group get the chance to write. Feedback provided.  Small groups. No experience necessary to join us. You can attend as many meetings or as often as you like. Come see if you have a story to tell. For more information and to learn about specific dates please contact:


Newcomers is an informal, non-profit, social group run by a committed team of volunteers offering support, advice and information to new arrivals in Athens via monthly meetings, activities, a newsletter and an e-community Bulletin Board.

Formed to encourage people to meet each other, make new friends, and cope with the practical side of living in Greece as well as enrich their lives with culture. Newcomers welcomes all nationalities, with English as the common language. In addition, Newcomers is committed to helping a small number of worthy causes. 

Although informal we have a team of committed volunteers who meet together regularly to take decisions and agree on issues affecting the group. Each volunteer provides help in various capacities. There are no membership or annual fees – only a small charge at each general meeting to cover costs. 

Newcomers Monthly General Meeting is held on the second Wednesday of each month from September to June in the Northern Suburbs of Kifisia. Twice a year the meeting includes special luncheons. Meetings usually include a speaker who shares information about a specific topic of interest. New people are introduced, general announcements are made, upcoming activities are announced and any questions are answered.

For more info, please visit



Newcomers (NBTS south) is a social, self-help group who live in the southern suburbs of Athens and who have English as a common language. Whether you are new to Athens who have been living here for years, newcomers is there for you to meet new people and get advice. We meet every second Tuesday of the month at 10.30am at Balux House Project, Glyfada. For more information, please contact Ray on 6947411319 or via the contact form at


Meets on Fridays between 11am and 2pm. For more info ring Alex on 6974966211



Multinational English-speaking playgroup for families who live in Piraeus. Moms and kids meet weekly. For more details visit: ...or email



Roaming Athens is all about helping out a fellow friend, acquaintances or friends of friends in need of a ride, or, help with a delivery whatever it may be... these days, one rarely can afford a tank of fuel, never mind having to drive somewhere, just to pick up a person, or a parcel, however important and significant... We are here to try and bring people together, to help with (road) networking, and just feel that you've done your good deed at the end of the day doing something nice for someone less fortunate...!

For more info visit 


‘By Your Side’ is an Athenian initiative run by the Salvation Army of Greece. It aims to help those living in Athens who need support to overcome the current economic crisis. In keeping with international Salvation Army practice, the initiative is motivated by the love of God, and provides humanitarian assistance to all, regardless of religion, political affiliation, age, gender or ethnicity. Special attention is paid to the self-esteem of recipients in Greece, since many of those who once offered charity, are now obliged to receive it.

The newly established ‘Adopt a family’ program is proving very popular for groups of friends who wish to help in a hands-on manner. Those wishing to participate in this program, or volunteer in another way, may contact Captains Maria Konti-Galinou or Polis Pantelidis, tel. 2111 821846, mobile tel. 6975728790, or email More at


Commencing Monday 24 September…

Are you a woman who likes to sing, laugh and learn? Come and join an all-female choir in the northern suburbs that meets Monday nights from 7:30 -9:30pm in Politia at Atalantis 12, just across from the Grand Chalet.

Solomon Singers is a community service organization that performs throughout Athens during the Christmas season with a final performance in June.

Sessions are in English and designed to develop the individual voice while encouraging each woman to find her own expression. The repertoire is diverse and includes pop, jazz, Broadway and gospel styles.

For more details contact Karen Solomon at 693 27 37 916 or email at



Meetings take place Monday and Thursday at Kastalia Clinic Glyfada Athens. Time 6:30-7:30. Please contact Christine at 6947941459



If you are interested in playing darts, the league meets at the Blue Parrot in Voula, in a friendly and social context. Looking for interested men or women, any age, ring 210 895 6744.



A new club has been created in the Southern suburbs involving CROCHETING, KNITTING, weaving, cross stitching and embroidery. Joining is free. We are a friendly group of needle craft fans who get together to share ideas & techniques and for a nice chat as well!!!.... every Thursday between 10 am and 12 pm. The meeting point is in front of Starbucks on Plateia Esperidon . We are part of the STICH N' BITCH international network and are listed under (Athens Greece).We welcome beginners too . For enquiries please email Carol B. on Our facebook group is: Stitch & Knit seaside



The Athens Singers is an amateur, mixed nationality choir of about 35 members who have been singing and performing to a high standard together in Athens for nearly fifty years.  Rehearsals are every Wednesday evening under the musical direction of Roger Tilley at the American Community Schools Campus, five minutes from the Aghia Paraskevi Metro Station.

The Athens Singers are now rehearsing for their next concert; an evening of the music of Gabriel Fauré , including his much loved Requiem for choir and orchestra. The performance will take place at the Holargos Cultural Centre on April 19th. If you would like to join this friendly and enthusiastic choir or reserve tickets for the concert, please contact Alison Scourti at 6972864280 or Kim Anastasopoulou at 6972634348.



Want to be a better communicator at dinner parties or interviews?

Join us at Toastmasters in Glyfada to learn the skills and confidence to express yourself effectively in any situation. Whether a professional, student, stay-at-home parent or retiree, Toastmasters is the most efficient, enjoyable and affordable way of gaining great communication skills.

Our seasons first meeting is at 24 September at 19:00 at the Alpine Center, 4th Floor Palmyra Beach Hotel, 70 Posidonos, Glyfada.

Email Jill Douka on for details.

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organisation that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. There are currently more than 260,000 members in over 12,500 clubs in 113 countries.



Introduce yourself and your business/practice to other professionals. Make friends and enjoy your time with us. We are English - speaking business women, artists, therapists, lawyers, dentists, scientists and housewives and we meet regularly in a business and social networking and supporting context.

We meet every 2nd Friday, monthly, at 19:00 in the area VOULA and every 3rd Wednesday, monthly, at 10:00 am in the area of LAGONISSI.

The venue of our networking is published on our Website and in our monthly newsletter. FREE - No Membership fee required. Don't forget - bring your business cards, brochures and friends along!

For more information visit


We are a small women's a cappella group called "Venus d Minor" and we are looking for a soprano voice. It is very helpful if she has experience singing in 4- part harmony. Rehearsals are one evening per week in Athens and we sing a varied repertoire of pop and jazz from the 1930 - the present. Check us out on Facebook and Youtube! For more information, call or email Pamela Kefalas at or 693-277-0578.



Join our new youth empowerment programme (for ages 11-14) which through theatre, music, discussion, and community service teaches young people to not just be consumers but contributors to a better society! If you have kids of this age or know kids this age and are interested then please contact Shirin at 6945 108826 or email

The programme is free of charge and parents are welcome to attend parallel activities. Thanks!



*Please send your community event to us (

*These community events are not organized by