Avgi – The Girl That Turned A Butchery Shop Into The Hippest Vegan Athenian Hotspot

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 30 June 2020
Avgi – The Girl That Turned A Butchery Shop Into The Hippest Vegan Athenian Hotspot

Avgi grew up in Athens, studied Linguistics on Rhodes island and Bucharest. When she was a little girl, she had two passions; foreign languages and coffee. Her dad bought an espresso coffee machine for our home with a book full of coffee recipes, which triggered her curiosity and passion for preparing coffee for others.

As Avgi got older, she started working in coffee businesses, learning more about the world and the art of coffee. As much as she loved her studies, Avgi didn't see herself pursuing a career in linguistics, so she moved to London to work in hospitality and specifically in, of course, coffee.

5 Things To Know About Avgi

 Honest (literally she cannot lie for a damn thing)

I did thorough research in London to learn the craft of coffee from the best in the city, which led me to Campbell & Syme. They offered me a job, and I was lucky to learn from such knowledgeable, passionate, professional, and kind-hearted people. They taught me the art of coffee, but they also allowed me to taste entrepreneurship by giving me a manager position after some time. They have been my biggest mentors and the catalysts for me to start my own business. We are still great friends with the guys. After two and a half years working in London, my boyfriend and I decided it was time to leave the big city and travel. Simon and I went with just a one-way ticket to Bangkok and were dedicated to explore and follow the flow of life. We traveled around, organized chef's tables, worked here and there in hospitality, and generally allowed our minds to wander. While in London, we actually daydreamed of our own business. We had the name already and had turned Vegan. Since we thought that a vegan business wouldn't work in Greece at that point in time, we let the idea ripen in our heads and went on with our lives. Then the day came when we started imagining, creating images in our minds of what this place could look like and be…

Avgi runs AVIT, one of the hippest vegan cafes in town!

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