Celebrating 40 Years Of Living In Greece - '40 Things I Learned About The Greeks'

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 23 February 2017
Celebrating 40 Years Of Living In Greece - '40 Things I Learned About The Greeks'
Susan from Greeker than the Greeks celebrates 40 years of living in Greece by sharing 40 things she as learned from the Greeks! Forty years ago, Susan left England on February 5th in 1977 to marry her love and start a new life. Here are 40 things Susan has learned from living in Greece.
  1. Punctuality is a dirty word - Time has no meaning, Greeks live for the moment!

  2. Everything is better with feta - Feta cheese, served with absolutely everything!

  3. Traffic lights, traffic laws and the Highway Code, were made to be broken.

  4. Everyone is someone’s cousin - All Greeks seem to be related to one another!

  5. Every family has a Yiannis - Yiannis is one of the most popular boy’s names in Greece, and as the tradition is to name the first born son after the grandfather, every family has one, I have one of my own, my son Yiannis!
  6. Greeks talk with their hands - Don’t stand too near to a Greek; you are likely to be whacked in the face by their wild hand gesticulations!

  7. Greeks force feed their guests - Greeks are such generous people. Don’t bother trying to refuse food from a Greek, just accept everything and then diet for the next two weeks!

  8. Greeks never say “I don’t know” - The Greek ego, I have learnt to my detriment, if they don’t know the answer, they’ll tell you anything, always best to check and double check from some other source.

  9. Greeks are consistently one year older - When you ask a Greek how old they are, they will always add a year.

  10. Greeks are passionate - In everything and every way, they love life, whatever they do, they do it with ‘meraki,’ their heart and soul.
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