Supporting Children In Greece Suffering From Cancer

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 11 December 2015
Supporting Children In Greece Suffering From Cancer
One Monday in late November 2015, a big charity event took place in Manhattan, New York.  Spiros Menegatos, a young Greek-American entrepreneur and owner of the famous Nerai Restaurant undertook an initiative to support children suffering from cancer in Greece.  His selfless effort employed a unique approach.  He brought together people from different social and economic backgrounds to combine forces around one single goal; to build awareness that as Greece plummers deeper into the stagnant waters of recession and misery and public sector funds dry up, the people must step in to provide aid to social groups that require it.

Although he has created great success in the U.S, Spiros Menegatos never forgot his motherland, Greece.  His decision to open a Greek restaurant in Manhatten was just the first step he made towards remaining connected with the modern culture of Greece. But that, for him, was not enough.

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