Saturday Was A Real ‘Athens’ Kind Of Day

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
Saturday Was A Real ‘Athens’ Kind Of Day

I’m taking a photography course and met up with my classmates outside the Athens Academy for our 3hour class. This week’s lesson was on architectural photography, and we set about our lesson and practice in the vicinity around the Academy, National Library and University of Athens. Later we wandered through the many old stoas of the neighbourhood, to catch a glimpse into a very much Athenian past.

For me, taking a ‘creative’ class – photography, art, cooking– is as much about improving my skills as it is about seeing the city in a different way…  Even many of the walking tours available in Athens (art walks, graffiti walks, nature walks) are well worth the cost, in terms of seeing the city and being re-inspired by the new corners and new stories you get to hear. It’s as easy as Googling “Athens walking tours” – there are tons of interesting options! And if you have some extra cash to burn, why not hop on a Segway or an e-bike and see Athens from a different perspective – literally. I try not to miss a chance to have one of these experiences whenever the opportunity (and the time and the money) allows.

After the fun photo shoots of the morning, I walked over to the Hip Café near Syntagma for a bite of brunch. Where I come from, brunch is a required weekend ritual. In Athens, it is definitely a growing phenomenon.

I hadn’t been to Hip Café for a long time, but having spent the morning in ‘classical’ Athens, it was great to slide into a comfortable chair in a decidedly modern side of the city. Music in the background, busy and buzzing with locals and expats, friendly service, good food, clean bathrooms (!), ‘chilled out’ interior – this is a place that is easy to be in, a really relaxed way to spend a weekend morning…

Their delicious menu has expanded a lot since I was there last – but thankfully they’ve still got Saturday morning’s best medicine (pancakes!), delicious yoghurt inventions, plus a lot of super healthy options (quinoa/lentil salad). I sat with my classmate in the window seat, watching the afternoon shoppers walking by.

Even on a rainy Saturday, Athens is full of surprises and full of inspiration – and very often full of honey and carbs. Sunday was spent at the gym.

Hip Café
26 Mitropoleos St., Syntagma
+30 213 015 4698


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