A Cool Night In The Suburbs

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
A Cool Night In The Suburbs

My Week In Athens has been hijacked - sorry Jack! Since we're not the only ones living and experiencing the city, we're introducing a new voice to XpatAthens' My Week In Athens. This week we're hearing from the younger generation!

For all of Jack's followers: Don't worry...he's still around. He'll just be sharing his space from time to time...

Hi, my name is Thanasi and I'm a sixteen year old high school student. Thanks for the space, Jack! 

Due to the fact that last weekend I wasn’t in Athens, but on the tip of Mount Menalo on an International Award trip, (a.k.a. camping for survival). I had already premeditated that the weekend after would be one to have fun.  Fall is definitely in the air but that is no reason not to stay outdoors and enjoy the cool, crisp evening in the northern suburbs.

So, the hoodie came into the picture, and off with my mates I was bound for Kifissia. This was, of course, after completing all assigned homework that had not been done during the week (my mother will read this). I met up with a few friends for coffee in Kifissia at the world renowned ‘Starbucks’.  As night was falling we decided to eat at ‘Boutique Kalamaki’ in which in the end, met all of our expectations.  There’s nothing like some fast food protein to satisfy your taste buds.

Whilst we’re getting to break it up, I received a phone call from a friend who informed us that he would be playing music that evening - this indeed got us all excited which meant that we weren’t going to call it a night just yet. Fortunately, he was playing DJ at ‘Look Up’ in Nea Erythrea which was having its closing event for the season. Although there was a bittersweet feeling -the farewell of summer and the welcoming of winter, the sounds of R& B were a delight.

No matter the season, rain or shine, the northern suburbs have what it takes to fulfill whatever appetite, even for an indecisive teenager!