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  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
August Moon

There is something about full moons that causes all kinds of reactions – from romantic notions to strange moods…  There is something about full moons in Athens that causes people to come out in droves, to congregate anywhere and everywhere, and enjoy the special energy.  And there is something about the famed August moon in Athens that doubles all of the above.

This past weekend was no exception, and even more than usual given the number of tourists in the city. The historic centre was literally packed with people, out for a stroll, a bite to eat, a drink – all under the serene glare of the August moon. I took a group of visiting friends out for a stroll, and ended up perched on a rock at the Areopagus hill, taking in the incredible view. There really is a strange and wonderful energy when so many people are out at night, taking in a scene that has been repeated over millennia.

Later on, giving in to requests of ‘let’s go dancing!’, we drove down the coast to Akrotiri Boutique, a staple Athenian sea-side club/restaurant.  It’s one of those beach-side, open air places, with banquettes and tables, all outdoor, light show, dance music and great vibes.  Although it’s been around for years, it still survives and continues to put on a great party. We asked for a table, which implies buying a bottle of alcohol. At €90 for a bottle of vodka, shared among 5 people, the price was more than acceptable.

We arrived at 11:00pm, quite early by Greek standards, to find the club almost empty. We wondered whether we had hit an ‘off night’. Nonetheless, within an hour or so, the place was absolutely jumping with people of all ages. There were plenty of expats around too, including a 20-something girl from Boston who had only arrived in Athens that same afternoon, and was already wondering how she would adjust to life back home (“…join the club, my dear…”)

The fireworks at 1:00am were a nice touch – my tourist friends were quite pleased.  And dancing outside until the wee hours was just what the doctor ordered…

August in Athens  - you may wish you were on an island somewhere, but let’s face it, it’s still a good time.

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Akrotiri Boutique


Agios Kosmas (Alimos)

+30 210 985 9147/9


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