Dreams Of Development

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
Dreams Of Development

Maybe I’m still ‘high’ on spring – maybe the sunshine is doing a number on me. Or maybe there’s more to this feeling that Greece is changing, slowly creeping back from the abyss, towards a better place… I have been riding my bike down to the waterfront 3-4 times a week – down Syggrou, past Faliro, across the Paraliaki and on towards Glyfada…

It’s a good 30km trek (and yes I am helmeted, protected and very careful!). Along the way I often think about how nice it would be to have even a few bicycle-friendly streets, a few more green spaces, maybe something architecturally interesting to look at along the way, basically anything that looks like development, change, renewal.

At the same time, I have equally frequent parallel thoughts about all the things that are happening around – painted buildings, new cafes/restaurants, cleaned up streets, start-ups, entrepreneur help-groups, etc.  It’s not a 180-degree change, and it doesn’t mean the problems are solved, but it’s certainly ‘something’…

In truth, there are some significant large-scale projects underway and announced, that promise to re-vamp and re-invent the face and reputation of Athens.

The Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center, already well underway, will include a new home for the National Opera and the National Library of Greece – amid lots of green space, all the way down to the waterfront… Take a look here: http://tinyurl.com/q248ju9

The Rethink Athens project is by now quite well known. I’m not sure what the progress is on this one, but it’s got a lot of eyes on it! http://www.rethinkathens.org/eng/project

And in case you haven’t heard yet, the old airport land at Hellinikon has been slated for redevelopment – unarguably a massive investment by Lamda Development, and one that surely has ‘world class’ stamped all over it. Check out the promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BmNlh2g_W8

I love what Willem Sodderland has to say in his blog – definitely some food for thought: http://tinyurl.com/nx58nep

But is all this ‘development’ or ‘dreams’? Why can’t it be both? My glass may not be half full, but it’s getting there…

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