Spring Is In The Air

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 06 February 2018
Spring Is In The Air

With spring in the air, one’s thoughts turn to sea & sun. And when one’s friends decide to visit for a long weekend, one’s rental car tends to turn south… After a leisurely Sunday breakfast at my favourite Hip Café (yes they have pancakes!), we jumped in the car and headed south. The destination wasn’t clear, but we thought perhaps we’d make it to Sounio before deciding to turn back.

Sounio is one of those destinations that ‘some’ people love to hate. It’s quite a hike from Athens, and the reward is ‘just’ a 5th century BC Temple of Poseidon. There is no huge site, no museum, not much but the temple ruins. 

But the position on the edge of the cape, the spectacular drive en route, and the famous sunset make the trip a worthwhile one to have on ‘repeat’ whenever friends visit the city.

If you’re heading in that direction, Vouliagmeni is about half-way down the coast. There are numerous tavernas and cafes along the way, but one that I especially like is En Plo. It’s perched right on the seaside, with a great view of the coast, and lots of sporty activity in the water nearby.

The place itself is modern, ‘cool’, relaxed. There is a full menu – from the interesting to the every day (seared wasabi salmon or club sandwich?). Prices are reasonable, service is acceptable. And the whole experience – seaside, sunshine, coffee, snacks, music – is priceless.

For everything else there’s Mastercard, as the saying goes. And they do accept it.  Bring on the spring!

Hip Café
Mitropoleos 26

En Plo
Poseidonos 4, Vouliagmeni

Until next week,