Blue Skies and Bikes

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
Blue Skies and Bikes

When the temperature in February hits 19 degrees (seriously…), and there are oranges falling off the tree outside your house, you know that you’re living in the right place. All other arguments aside, some other places we might be living are buried in mountains of snow and skating on rivers of ice… Suckers.

So when the mercury hits 19, and the sun is high in the sky, what is left to do but jump on one’s bicycle and push oneself to the point of exhaustion, on the first 36km ride of the year… City-centre to Piraeus, around to Faliro and back. In 2 hours. We’ll put that one in the ‘should’ve gone for coffee’ category.

Given the sorry state of my muscles after that, and the urgent need for coffee, I ventured out to meet two friends at a ‘newish’ café-bar we had noticed in Plaka. It’s called ‘Off White’, and I really like it. It’s at the end of Plaka leading up from Monastiraki, on the far side of the ‘Hadrian’s Library’ site.


It’s a small creative space, housed in an old building, with whimsical décor (bar tables made of bicycles), painted ceiling and columns, and a cool musical soundtrack (reggae to big band and everything in between) – for a decidedly chill ambiance. Good coffee, good service. Something different…

The first time I went there was on a Saturday evening for a glass of wine – and they had live music in the form of a saxophonist. I believe they have live music most Saturdays – very cool. The lower level is an ‘art gallery’ of sorts – but it’s more of an afterthought, worth a glance on your way to the loo… The whole place is quite cool. Oh – and strong wifi. ;)

Check it out for a change!

Off White
Aiolou 10
211 408 7310

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