• by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
Ellados Ikones

I’ve been called a 'beach snob' by many of my friends. I heard it again the other day, when a few of them decided to head to the beach after work (by the way, this is in my absolute top 5 things I love most about living in Athens…). They decided to stay ‘in the city’, which means Faliro, Alimos, and the like. When I complained that city beaches were not my thing, I was quickly told to stop being a beach snob and pack my towel.

To all the beach snobs out there, I have a wonderful compromise. We ended up going to the beach at La Cabana, and the taverna next door called ‘Ellados Eikones’. I was impressed. This is located at the end of Akti Alimou (Alimos Beach) – where the old Blue beach bar used to be. Look for the La Cabana sign.

The beach itself is lovely – organized, pebbly (not rocky), very clean, with ‘deluxe’ beach chairs and even a net set up offshore to keep out all the unwanted stuff… crystal clear water and a wonderful view. The snob in me was actually rather satisfied.

The dinner afterwards at Ellados Eikones was equally good. Their motto is ‘think Greek’ – and the place lives up to that promise. The design has a wonderful island style, very relaxed, rustic even, but elegant. The menu is delicious, the music is Greek, and Thursday-Saturday nights they have live Greek music. Without exaggeration, I felt like I was not in Athens. I loved it. It’s certainly not the cheapest taverna I’ve been to, but the quality of the whole experience is definitely a step up from average.

So to all my fellow beach snobs who trek far south in search of the perfect beach – I challenge you to give this one a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll duck out of work early one Friday night and see us there…

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Ellados Eikones

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