A Vibrant Autumn City

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 03 October 2017
A Vibrant Autumn City
With summer all but a memory, I ventured out on this beautiful Sunday to find that, in fact, summer seems to have decided to stick around a while longer…

But sunny skies notwithstanding, the autumn headlines have been leaving me with a less-than-sunny disposition.

Torrential downpours and floods around Greece…
Provocative statements from the Turkish president about ‘unjust’ national borders…
An election in the US that is leaving most of us dumbfounded and disappointed…
Refugees continuing to make the perilous journey to a questionable future…
Conflict in the Middle East that doesn’t seem to end…
An economy here at home that actually seems to be getting worse…
A ‘black hole’ of leadership in all corners…
…and that was just Saturday!

Despite it all, Athens feels alive – seemingly more than ever. Sunday was jam-packed with locals and tourists around town, enjoying a sunny respite from the downpours of Saturday. It seems like the city is becoming a real ‘city break’ destination, filling up over the weekend with smiling visitors, a weekend getaway from other European cities. Packed tavernas, overflowing cafes, lineups at the sites – maybe I’m imagining this, but it seems to me that the start of autumn has brought a distinct buzz to the city. Of course, the headlines say something else – but who believes headlines anymore? (!)

And then there is the rock – the Acropolis - always present, always watching, as if it has seen it all before and nothing can shake its resolve. Maybe after all this is the real symbol of Athens, beyond the old marble, it’s the resolve and immovable strength of the city that has enabled it to endure centuries and civilizations – and the day’s headlines. Maybe, in the end, this is who we are.

And in case you want to contemplate all of these over a coffee or a cocktail, with a rooftop view of the ancient rock, here is a list of ‘don’t miss’ city centre bars that fit the bill…!!

The Zillers - Mitropoleos 54, 210 322 2277
Bios - Peiraios 84, 210 342 5335
A for Athens - Miaouli 2-4, Monastiraki, 210 324 4244
Loukoumi - Abyssinias Square 3, Monastiraki, 210 323 4814
Couleur Locale - Normanou 3, Monastiraki, 216 700 4917
Chocolat - Apostolou Pavlou 27, Thiseio, 210 346 9077
La Vista Optimista - Ermou 95, Monastiraki, 210 325 0242
Status Sky Bar - Petraki 28, 210 33 1478

Until next week,