My Week in Athens… Feb 14

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
My Week in Athens… Feb 14
Apartment Hunting, Part II: After seeing nearly 20 apartments, and being convinced that I would have to compromise on quality and style, I think I have found ‘the one’. It’s a cool space, renovated, spacious, inviting. With a bathroom & WC that I’d actually let my mother use. And best of all, it is in the heart of the historic centre, near all the culture that one could ever desire. Also best of all, the ‘value for price’ equation is high. Very high.

So I’m thrilled.

The real estate agent who showed the property has so far been exemplary – professional, responsive, knowledgeable, on time. There are many good ones around, and they make a huge difference in the whole experience.

Now comes the really fun part – and a bunch of questions:

How much notice do I actually need to give my current landlord?
How much fun will I have changing the address of my electricity & internet service?
Should I hire a mover or do it myself?
Will a moving truck even fit on the narrow streets anywhere near the apartment?
What time of day (or night) should I move? I mean, if I’m to block a street in a busy neighbourhood, should I do it late at night, or will my new neighours think me strange?

As with most everything else in Athens, there is no clear answer. So if you are wandering home from a Thissio café one of these nights, and notice a dark van parked on a side street, with a couple of shady guys popping in and out of a dark building – please don’t panic and don’t call the cops – it’s just me trying to get my couch up the stairs!

Until next week,


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