My Week in Athens… Feb 7

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
My Week in Athens… Feb 7
This week was a ‘catch-up’ week – catch-up on work, catch-up on laundry, catch-up with far-away friends on Skype, and catch-up with some new friends in Athens.

A couple months ago I did a photography course in the city-centre – an introduction to ‘using my complicated camera’ and ‘making sure my subjects don’t look ridiculous’. The course was actually great, informative, interesting and affordable. But it also gave me the chance to meet some new people, who had at least one thing in common with me. I took the course with the sole purpose of learning about photography. But in the end, the bonus of new friends made the experience doubly good.

So the other night I had a few of these photo-friends over, to catch-up and chat about pictures, trips near and far, and all the different topics that people discover together over a few glasses of wine… The evening was really nice, and one that will be repeated.

In the end, maybe meeting people through these ‘common interest’ experiences is really the best strategy for connecting in new cities. Don’t get me wrong, I like lounging at a bar as much as anyone (!) – but the experience of meeting people ‘over time’ and around the experience of shared interests really makes for a different kind of connection than the usual ‘So, what kind of work do you do…’

Just a thought.

Until next week,


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