My Week in Athens… Dec 13

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
My Week in Athens… Dec 13
I suppose most of us already know this – but Athens is a good time. Even in winter...

I convinced a friend to visit over the past few days – with promises of warm weather & sunshine to cure her more ‘northern’ lifestyle. Of course, it’s been freezing and wet and generally unpleasant here too most of the week – but that didn’t stop us.

With nightly escapades in Gazi, Thissio, Psirri and Kolonaki, the nightlife tour of Athens was on! Needless to say, she was appropriately dazzled.

From drinks at Hoxton in Gazi, coffee at my fave Moma in Thissio to a great dinner at Papadakis in Kolonaki and a night of live music and nargile in Psirri – we managed to move from shabby-chic warehouse to comfy-chic café to elegant-chic fine dining to graffiti-chic in Psirri. All in the span of a few (ok, more than a few) blocks’ walk.

And at each point, on each evening, I was thinking ‘this is winter, it’s raining, it’s cold, it’s not an easy place to be these days’ – but still I have the distinct feeling that people manage to enjoy themselves in that quintessential Athenian way: after dark, anywhere, with friends.

Bring on winter. And hopefully bring on a quieter week in front of the fireplace ;)

See you Saturday at the Intercontinental…

Until next week,


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