My Week in Athens… Oct 11

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
My Week in Athens… Oct 11
According to the Beatles, all you need is love. But sometimes all you need is good conversation and a drink with good friends…

My tough week ended with just this… After endless days and nights of work and more work (in this season of ‘do more with less’), I made a last-minute plan with 2 friends to meet for a drink. We met near Syntagma Square, and wandered among the few protestors and police gathered in the area. We decided to head towards Kolokotroni Street, which runs parallel to Ermou Street. Our destination was one of my favourite finds when I first moved to Athens – a little place called Bartesera.

Once could easily miss this place – it’s hidden at the end of an old arcade, on your left side as you’re walking down the street. It’s in the Karitsi Square neighbourhood, so plenty of alternative options nearby.

Bartesera is a laid back bar, it’s artsy-cool, very low on the attitude scale, has a great drinks list and is always buzzing. It also doubles as an art-space, with different artists on display each couple weeks. Stop in during the day for coffee – there’s a nice courtyard too.

The best surprise of the night was to see that – crisis notwithstanding – a few new bars had opened on the very same street. Definitely worth a visit!

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