Best Of The Best In Athens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 13 June 2016
Best Of The Best In Athens
The most ubiquitous symbol of summer, beyond blue skies, tan lines and flip-flops, must be the endless stream of top 10 lists – top 10 summer patios, top 10 rooftops, top 10 summer cocktails, top 10 best beaches – and the list goes on…
I seem to read these lists every day – my Facebook feed has precious little else these days, apart from kitten videos and the like… We all have our own top 10’s, our favorite spots and our favourite ‘locals,’ but I often find myself trying to find these lists again and again, when I’m looking for an interesting activity or asked for a recommendation.
So here you have it – my ‘Top 15 list of Top 10 Lists’ – some in English, some in Greek, but you’ll get the point I’m sure. Check these out to see what you might be missing:
1. Best Ice Cream in Athens
2. Best Places to Run in Athens
3. (Greek) Top Agrotourism Excursions
4. Best Beaches of the Ionian
5. (Greek) Best Organized Camping Spots in Greece
6. Best Traditional Coffee Houses in Greece
7. (Greek) Best Swimming Spots in the Peloponnese
8. Best Affordable Sushi in Athens

9. (Greek) Top Attica Beaches for Families

10. Best Sandy Beaches Around Attica

11. Best Cafes in Athens
12. (Greek) Top Cultural Weekend Getaways
13. Top New Athens Summer Bars
14. Top 8 Rooftop Bars & Restaurants in Athens 
15. Top Athens Summer Brunch spots
…and although this is not a top 10 list, this a list that will surely come in handy:
16. Athens Live Music Events for Summer 2016

So take your pick, make a plan, and get out and enjoy the glorious summer sunshine… Before you know it, we’ll be looking at Top 10 Ways to Escape Winter…
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*We'll work on getting the Greek into English and bring you an update of all the above very soon!