My Week in Athens… Sep 6

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
My Week in Athens… Sep 6
This week we say hello to our member Pamela, who sent us this submission:

Dear XpatAthens,

I enjoy your weekly posts and thought I’d send you my comments on a wonderful experience I had this past weekend.

I am originally from the U.S., but have lived in a number of places over the years. I now call Athens ‘home’. I try to participate in all that Athens has to offer – and I know there is lots on offer. I particularly enjoy the hidden galleries and coffee spots that one never would experience until leaving the usual paths.

This past Friday, there was nothing ‘hidden’ at all. The city center was absolutely crammed with Athenians of all shapes and sizes! The famous blue moon, and the unofficial last day of summer, brought the city out onto the streets and into the cafes and tavernas. From Plaka to Thissio and on every street corner in between, the city was alive like I’ve never seen before. I’m told that this is an annual tradition, and that the blue moon was a special draw.

I am writing this because that evening inspired me, it made me happy ‘on the inside’, to see families and friends out for a stroll in their ‘backyard’. What a lovely feeling to be reminded of the fabulous social culture that we live in. It left me with a smile.

I hope that other expats had the chance to experience the same thing on Friday. It’s already gone in my calendar for next year !


Many thanks for sharing, Pamela!

Until next week,


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