My Week in Athens… February 9

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 05 February 2015
My Week in Athens… February 9

In this new weekly space, keep up with ‘Jack’ as he navigates daily life in Athens… Anecdotes, stories, hits & misses, the good, the bad and, well, the rest… Have a story to share? Send it to!

Hey! Welcome to my corner : ) I’m a 30-something expat – born & raised in Canada, of mixed English/Irish/Greek ancestry. Outside Canada, I’ve spent a few years living in Australia and Ireland, and have called Athens home for the past two… I love so many things about this city – and so much else leaves me shaking my head…

Will there be traffic? Will I get the paper I need? Will I find parking? Is this ‘highly recommended’ restaurant worth the price? Is that random café on the corner as bad as it looks? Is the beach I heard about today worth the drive? Can my ‘brain’ and my ‘heart’ ever agree on this place? Is it really too far to walk? Was she just rude to me, or did I miss something in translation? Is the sun through my window as warm as it looks?

‘You never know until you try…’ – in Athens, ain’t that the truth!

See you next week…