Athens Walking Tour & Local Greek Flavours

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Athens Walking Tour & Local Greek Flavours
Keeping in the tradition of ‘staying local’ this August, I’ve been reminded that Athens can be both blistering hot and blissfully quiet. If you can manage to stay cool, this is a great time to see the city. If you’re a fan of photography, an early morning walk around the neighbourhoods of the city in August can be magical… You may even get a sunset seat on a rooftop terrace…!
With some out-of-town friends visiting Athens for the first time (it really never ends…) I decided to forego my usual ‘Jack’s Low-Budget City Tour’ and actually pay for a professional guide.
Big Olive City Walks is a start-up provider of ‘alternative’ city walks. This young team of ‘actual’ Athenians loves to share their knowledge and passion for the city – this is more than ‘just a job’ for them, and it makes all the difference. Our friendly guide Nikos narrated the walk, with insights and stories and anecdotes that made the city (even the parts I know well) come alive.
Big Olive offers a really interesting range of themed walks – including 19th century Athens, Gastrononomy, Photography, LGBT Athens and ‘Anatolian’ Athens. We did their ‘Athens Grand Tour’, as a broad introduction to the city. My guests loved it – and so did I. Big Olive offers organized group walks, as well as bespoke/custom walks, private themed tours and custom corporate/educational programs.
For dinner, I had noticed a new taverna on the Herakleidon pedestrian strip in Thiseio. The newly re-opened Abibayio takes the place of the previous café on this popular strip that (in my humble view) is over-due for an update. Abibayio was worth the wait. This is a modern taverna, with a lovely outdoor patio and familiar, friendly service that makes you feel at home. The menu is a delicious twist on classic taverna fare – our group gave unanimous rave reviews. I’ve already been back within the past week – that says it all…
Cheers to a continuing August staycation!
Until next week,
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