Staycation In Athens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Sunday, 26 July 2015
Staycation In Athens
This is normally a week of preparing for a summer getaway – packing bags, closing windows, catching ferries… In 2015, this is not necessarily the case. Many of us are staying put this summer, it seems, to sweat away the days and nights in Athens. The post-modern stay-at-home ‘staycation’ has become the new standard in vacation hotspots! Whether you’re here by choice or by circumstance, it’s not hard to enjoy summer in Athens.  With a few well-planned activities – and a jaunt down to the seaside – summer in Athens can be much more than just bearable…
So, where to go?
Marina Flisvos – a lovely destination for a family outing, with cafes and ice cream shops, facing the blue sea and the marina...
Anafiotika – this still ‘off the beaten path’ section of Plaka retains its island-esque charm, even though it seems to me that more and more tour books are pointing travelers in this direction…
Dionysiou Areopagitou – who doesn’t love to take a stroll around the pedestrian pathway that winds around the Acropolis. Grab an ice cream at Makriyanni Street, and head towards the setting sun…
Peiraiki – follow the meandering pathway around the Akti Themistocleous coastline of Piraeus – stop along the way at any of the endless tavernas and cafes, take in the blue sea and the sunshine – and burn a few calories all the way to Marina Zeas.
Thiseio & Pnyx Hill – back in the city centre, a walk through Thiseio is a walk through another time – old neo-classical houses, tree-lined streets, Agia Marina church, the National Observatory and the Pnyx Hill – this one is for the history buffs!
Monastiraki & Areopagus – for the ‘tourist within’, a stroll around Monastiraki will inspire you with equal parts history and kitsch. For the full-on history experience, climb the stairs to the Areopagus - the lesser known, but equally important ‘other’ rock, just opposite the Acropolis. A sunset cocktail at A For Athens or 360 will give you the full rooftop overview of the whole area.
Akti Tou Iliou (Costa del Sol) / Alimos beachfront – …and since Greek Summer follows certain rules regardless of where you are, a trip to the beach is required for every staycation. Hop on the tram or jump in a cab (or even on your bicycle!) and make your way to the beach. There are several nice spots along the Alimos coast – I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking.
Truth be told, there are worse ways to spend your summer holiday than a staycation in Athens. And, judging by the tour buses and throngs of sightseers everywhere, it seems many others had the same idea…
Enjoy the sunshine!
Until next week,