Melia Karampela MSc - Licenced Nutritionist & Dietitian


Weigh more than you’d like? Too many Greek treats? Dealing with diabetes or obesity?

I’m here to get you back in shape! 

My outstanding studies - in Greece, Netherlands and Sweden, which led to an MSc Degree in Medical Science with major in Nutrition, from the well - respected Karolinska University - combined with ample practical experience, constant best practice updating and highprofessional devotion, allow me to guide every nutritional case to the best possible results.

I provide personalized nutrition coaching services for:

- Weight control
- Increase muscle mass
- Diabetes
- Hyperglycemia
- Anemia
- Kidney diseases
- Intestinal disorders
- Pregnancy
- Nutrition insufficiencies
- Body composition analysis
- Abnormal lipid panel

I currently work for a major private hospital undertaking international and VIP clients. I therefore am very well aware of the additional nutritional issues an expat might face as a result of the relocation.

In person and online sessions at your convenience.


  • Title: Melia Karampela MSc - Licenced Nutritionist & Dietitian
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