PhysioArt Center (Physical Therapy)


American born, Adrienne Nicolaides, is a physical therapist with almost 30+ years of experience with orthopaedic surgery patients, dealing with fractures, knee, hip and shoulder replacement, sports injuries, arthritis of the knee and hip, backache and cervical neck syndrome as well as dancer injuries.
She founded her PhysioArt Center in 2005 in her private facilities in Nea Smyrni where she specializes in dancers using the trigger point method (trigger points are hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscle which can cause pain), through which rapid improvement in all kinds of dance moves in all forms of dance can be achieved.  
She has participated and spoke in several international conferences and collaborated with Dimitris Kostopoulos in his physical therapy offices in New York as well as Marika Molnar, the physiotherapist of the New York City Ballet.
In her recently renovated private clinic, Adrienne cares about her patients taking time to accurately diagnose their problems and come up with the most result-oriented treatment plan that will be both time efficient and theraupitically effective. 
The clinic operates 10am to 2pm and 5:30pm to 9pm M-F and on weekends with appointments.  The prefferred way to contact Adrienne for a FREE consultation is her mobile number (6944776251).