Eleni Vardaki ~ Youth Mentor For Stress Relief


Eleni Vardaki is an accredited Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and a member of the UK-based EFT International Association. As a personal Youth Mentor for Stress Relief, she supports teenagers, university students, and young adults who're tired of feeling stuck in a state of stress and overwhelm. Her personalized youth mentoring programs are results-oriented, and last between 3 to 8 months, depending on the particular learning needs of each individual and their particular situation. She's a transformational teacher who teaches people how they can change their habits to change their life. She helps teens and young adults transform their (emotional) self-care and study/work habits and daily routines, so that they can focus more, stress less, and motivate yourself more effectively. 

She also offers some online parent and teacher workshops, because she believes that if we care about student wellbeing, it makes sense to also care for the wellbeing of those who care for them.

The 4 main stress-related problems people come to me to work on are:

1) Academic stress (procrastinating, falling behind on work, performance anxiety)
2) Stress or indecision over what to do with your life (what course to choose, whether to apply for a Masters/Ph.D. or apply for a job, whether to take a gap year, whether to change your degree)
3) Stress caused by bad sleeping habits
4) Relational stress (parent-child conflict, teacher-student conflict, or workplace conflict).

Eleni's mentoring approach is focused on teaching people a variety of self-soothing techniques that allow you to tap into your body's intelligence, and increase your self-awareness. Why? Because when you increase your self-awareness and your Body Intelligence, you become more independent, inner-directed and self-motivated.